Makeup – Flattering Colors for All Ages

The colors that were once staple items in the makeup bag may not be as flattering as they used to be. So, regardless of your skin tone, it is best to follow neutral tones that always work!

A quick guide is:

Plums – Plum shades are good for mature skin since they appear neutral. The red undertones help to brighten the overall look. Be careful to avoid textures that are either too shiney or too matte!

Highlighters – Soft highlighters that lend a wash of glow or shimmer are the perfect pick me up for mature skin, and add a youthful radiance.

Bronzers – Bronzers are great for making the skin look fresh. You don’t want it to be too orange or too shimmery, but try to choose one that gives you a light sunkissed look. (That is “sunkissed”, don’t mistake a bronzer for a faux tan product.)

Neutral, Warm Colors – From foundation to lip color, you are better off with a neutral shade. Anything that is too orange or too pink is not youthful, shades that are soft and neutral looking are always best.

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