Anti-Acne Tips

#1. Stay away from eating a lot of sushi, because sushi is raw, it does have higher levels of bacteria.

#2. Consider sauna or “sweat baths” – sweating out toxins in the skin on a regular basis can be really helpful.

#3. Wash your pillow, pillow case and bedding more often. It sounds so simple, but microscopic bacteria will settle in your pillows and can then get trapped in pores.

#4. Consider the benefits of pharmaceutical grade skin care. Using not only a good cleanser, but a toner or astringent to balance your Hp levels is really more important than you might think.

At Aesthetic Solutions we are dedicated to helping you to make the best of your skin. It is not just a logo, we believe that “beautiful skin at any age” is more attainable than you might think. If you still aren’t sure, call us for a complimentary consultation at 403 346 3376, that’s 403 346 DERM.

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